To make our appointment enjoyable for both of us, please respect following conditions.

  • Discretion have to be on both side. 

  • Before meeting I prefer to call each other to confirm the details, I need to have also reservation of the hotel.

  •  Dress accordingly to the appointment.


  • Give me the gift in invisible envelope within the first 15 minutes. If we would meet in restaurant, please add chocolate box for leaving diplomacy.

  • Keep in mind that longer dates include sleep time of 8 hours.

  • More details about our date can be discussed in our email conversation. I am an independent companion, and you will set the date with me directly.

2 hours 

400 €

4 hours

700 €

6 hours

900 €


1200 €

24 hours

1600 €

48 hours

2200 €

Each additional day

800 €